Lower Junction Construction Update

West Towns – 20 Perth Avenue

Work on the exterior of the West Towns has made great strides in the first half of July. Installation of brick masonry on the west face of the townhouses is now complete. Masonry is now being installed on the east face of the southernmost block of the townhouses. Cladding for the upper levels of the townhouses is
also being installed and is visible from Perth Avenue.

Construction of the garages associated with each townhouse unit is progressing steadily; with framing essentially complete on the two northern block of the townhouses and underway on the southern block. Future residents will access these private garages via a paved private laneway that connects to Perth Avenue.

Work on the barrier wall on the western edge of the property will continue through the summer. This wall acts as a mitigation barrier to the railway to the west. The first panel was installed in June at the southern end of the site, and is visible from the West Toronto Railpath.

NOTE: Municipal servicing work is expected later this summer. Once we have a firm schedule for the servicing work, we will circulate a printed notice and post the information on the project website.

Auto Building – 158 Sterling Road

Work on the front entrance to the Auto Building along Sterling Road is moving forward with new concrete paths now poured. Remaining landscaping work will get underway in the coming weeks.

External cladding is being installed on the external freight elevator on the north side of the Auto Building. This elevator is a museum-standard freight elevator that serves the first three floors of Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto Canada (MOCA).

Interior finishing continues and is nearing completion inside the two glass additions on the west side of the building. These will provide access to both the lobby area on the ground floor, and the MOCA’s ground floor café.

Work to complete the paving of the northern section of the paved access lane, which will solely service the Auto Building, is expected to get underway in August.

MOCA will have its international grand opening on September 22, 2018.