Lower Junction Construction Update

West Towns – 20 Perth Avenue

Construction on the West Towns continues to move forward at a steady pace. Window installation across the site has been completed. The installation of brickwork on the west side of the townhouses is now underway.

Recently, waterproofing was completed on the west side of the townhouses. Additional concrete pours to finish townhouse unit basements have also been completed.

The next phases of work will include the continuation of brickwork installation followed by the installation of siding moving from north to south across the site.  Currently, the north block of townhouses has an example of some of the siding that will be used to finish the exteriors.

Municipal servicing work is now expected to commence in the late spring or early summer. As soon as the schedule for this municipal servicing work is finalized, both a printed and digital notice will be circulated to the community prior to work commencing.

Below L - R; Photos of the near-complete interior of the Auto Building, an exterior detail shot of the West Towns, and South African Artist Kendell Geers’ BE:LIE:VE, 2002, among the works opening at MOCA on May 26th (courtesy of MOCA).

Auto Building – 158 Sterling Road

Work inside and outside the Auto Building is progressing at a fast pace in anticipation of the official opening of the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto on May 26th. The construction team expects to have floors 2 to 5 finished in the next two weeks, including completing the installation and tiling of the washroom units.

Work on the main floor is also progressing well. Framing for the two glass additions, serving the ground floor café, lobby areas, and western building face, are being installed. The external glass curtain walls for these two glass additions are also currently being installed and should be completed in early April. The restoration of the basement is also near complete with only some minor finishing of the service spaces remaining to be done.

The main components of the west elevators have been installed. The final elements of the elevator cabs are scheduled to be completed in early April.

The upper floors of the Auto Building from 6 to 10 have been substantially completed to a base condition; some final restoration work remains to be done on a portion of the 9th floor slab. Tenants of floors 6 to 10 will be able to finish these spaces to suit their own specific needs.

The museum-standard external freight elevator structure is now complete. The elevator will be installed in the coming weeks. This climate controlled exterior elevator will serve the needs of the Museum, enabling exhibit materials to be loaded in and out.