Lower Junction Construction Update

West Towns – 20 Perth Avenue

Exterior work on the West Towns made great strides through the month of August. Masonry installation was completed on the east face of the southernmost block of townhouses and is now continuing northward. Exterior cladding on the upper levels of the townhouse is substantially complete along the Perth Avenue frontage.

Framing of the 32 private garages, located on the west side of each of the townhouse units, is substantially complete. Remaining work on the garages, including waterproofing and roofing, will continue into September. Future residents will access these private garages via a paved private laneway that connects to Perth Avenue.

The construction of the barrier wall along the western property line is near complete, with only one section remaining to be finished at the northen edge of the site. This wall acts as a barrier to the rail corridor.

Work on the interiors of the townhouses continues to progress. Interior walls and staircases are substanially complete. Drywall and finishing work on the interiors will continue through September.

NOTE: Municipal servicing work is now expected in September. Once we have a firm schedule for the servicing work, we will circulate a printed notice and post the information on the project website.

Auto Building – 158 Sterling Road

Finishing work on the east elevation of the Auto Building (fronting Sterling Road) made steady progress through the month of August. Landscaping work along the Sterling Road frontage will continue into the first week of September. Work on the canopy over the main Sterling Road entrance is advancing well. The steel frame for the canopy has been installed and the glass elements are expected to be installed in the coming days.

The installation of exterior cladding and insulation on the external freight elevator, located on the north side of the Auto Building, will continue into early September. This elevator is a museum-standard (climate controlled) freight elevator that serves the first three floors of the Museum.

Interior finishing is substantially complete inside the two new glass additions on the west side of the heritage building. The glass additions will provide access to both the lobby area on the ground floor and to MOCA’s ground floor café. Remaining finishing work is close to completion on the main floor of the building in preparation for the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto Canada (MOCA)’s international opening on September 22nd.

Work to complete the private paved service lane, which will run from Sterling Road around the western side of the Auto
Building, is scheduled to get underway shortly. This service lane will provide loading, delivery and drop off access to MOCA and the commercial offices.