Lower Junction Construction Update

West Towns - 20 Perth Avenue

Construction on the West Towns is moving forward at a steady pace. As with the earlier stages of construction, framing is progressing from north to south. Framing work of the townhouses has reached the third floor of the northern half of the site. Second-storey framing is in progress on the central part of the site. The southern end of the site will see framing continue into January. At this time of the year, weather conditions may slow progress.

Work will continue through December 23rd and resume again on January 2nd 

Municipal servicing work is expected to commence in the New Year. As soon as the schedule for this municipal servicing work is finalized, both a printed and digital notice will be circulated to the community prior to work commencing.


Auto Building – 158 Sterling Road

In the first half of December work on the Auto Building’s adaptive reuse accelerated. Drywall installation continues on the lower five floors that will house Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto, with studio and office spaces taking shape on the fourth and fifth floors.

Installation of the exterior museum standard freight elevator is well underway on the northwest corner of the building. Work on the elevator will continue through this month, weather permitting. This climate controlled exterior freight elevator will serve the first 3 floors of Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto.

In order to ensure museum standard climate control, a second set of window glazing will be installed on all the windows on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors. This work is expected to get underway this month.

Work is in the very early stages to create a new roadway that will connect from Sterling Road and run north and south on the west side of the Auto Building. Also in progress, concrete is being poured on the west face of the building, where the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto café will be located.

Work on the Auto Building will continue through the month, except for statutory holidays and weekends.

Happy Holidays and best wishes for the New Year.