Lower Junction Construction Update

West Towns – 20 Perth Avenue

The next phase of work at the West Towns site is set to begin on July 4th.

Forming and concrete pouring is anticipated to get underway in July. This work will begin at the north end of the site and steadily move south. Care is being taken to ensure there are no significant traffic impacts.



Auto Building – 158 Sterling Road

Significant progress has been made on the Auto Building’s restoration work since mid-June. The installation of lighting systems and ductwork is underway. Studs for the interior drywall are being installed. Work on the 10th-floor roof is progressing.

The iconic columns are being sealed and the concrete floors polished. The new basement flooring is being poured and finishing work will continue on the lower level through the next two weeks. Preparations are underway to begin the work that will connect the building to sewer and water systems. We look forward to providing a mid-month update on the ongoing progress at the Auto Building.

Castlepoint Greybrook Sterling Inc. is pleased to provide regular updates on construction activity and Lower Junction project developments, we encourage you to check back regularly at: www.lowerjct.com/updates.