Lower Junction April Construction Update

West Towns – 20 Perth Avenue

Work has just begun on the site of the West TWNS, proposed 32 townhomes along Perth Avenue, the first of several new construction projects to get underway in the Lower Junction. 

Soil removal, grading and leveling began on March 27. Clean fill will be placed on the ground to provide a working surface for the next stage work: shoring around the site, and drilling for caissons and pilings. A barrier wall will then be constructed on the west side of the property along the railway corridor.


The access point to the West Toronto Railpath off of Perth Avenue was closed for safety reasons during pre-construction.  Arrangements to open a new access point at the south side of 158 Sterling Road heritage building are currently being prepared and will be available in the coming weeks.

Construction hours on the site will be in accordance with the City of Toronto Construction Noise by-law [Toronto Municipal Code Noise § 591-2.1] with work occurring Monday to Friday between 7 am and 7 pm, and if required between 9 am and 7 pm on Saturdays. 

A note on parking: 

Castlepoint Greybrook Sterling Inc. (CGSI) is working with the local neighbourhood to provide alternatives to street parking for residents on Perth Avenue and parishioners of the Church of the Firstborn.  A portion of the lands at the corner of Perth Avenue and Sterling Road will be made available for those with parking passes. 

Philip Share and Brett Rycombel Co-Chairs of the South Perth And Sterling Road Residents Association will be sharing information about the parking directly with residents on Perth Avenue and coordinating the issuance of parking passes.

Philip Share may be contacted at 416-706-2469.

The Auto Building, 158 Sterling Road 

Significant progress has been made on the interior and exterior improvements of the Auto Building at 158 Sterling Road. Work has begun on installing the new steel roof on the

10th floor of the building. The north section of the roof will be fitted with ‘North Lights’ which are angled skylights, facing north, that will provide natural light to the restored 10th floor. 


Highlights of the current restoration work:

  • Almost all the new windows have been installed throughout the building. 
  • The installation of sprinkler piping is ongoing with most floors completed. Work in sprinkler piping on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors is getting underway. The 10th floor will be done once the new roof is completed.
  • In the basement crews are cutting the concrete slab floor to make space for the components of the electrical, HVAC and plumbing systems. Once these are installed fresh concrete will be poured to match the existing floor height.
  • The installation of electrical conduit completed to the 10th floor.
  • Work on the HVAC and plumbing systems is underway and ongoing. 


As you may be aware, the exterior of the Auto Building has several heritage features that are designated to have historical significance. Preserving the Auto Building’s heritage features has been a critical component of the restoration work right down to the bricks. Some of the heritage bricks that had to be removed during restoration work have been sealed and stored and will be reused. The original fire doors have also been temporarily removed and will be restored to their original industrial character. 

The Auto Building. will continue to be the tallest and most prominent building in the Lower Junction.