Lower Junction Mid-March Construction Update

The Auto Building, 158 Sterling Road

Work continues on the lead project in the Lower Junction, the Auto Building at 158 Sterling Road. With the new windows installed and a temporary heating system, work continues on the interior despite the impact of late winter cold and snow. 


Highlights of the current restoration work:

  • Column steel has started to be installed and plates for supporting I-beams
  • The remaining windows on the 10th floor have been installed 
  • The last window has been installed on the 9th floor
  • Electrical rough-ins have been completed
  • The pipes for the sprinkler system have been installed up to and including the 8th floor
  • The basement plumbing layouts are completed

The Auto Building has many unique architectural and design features. One of the these features is that the columns on each floor vary in thickness. The most slender columns are on the top floors and as the floors descend the columns increase in breadth in order to provide additional structural support. 

West Towns on Perth Avenue

The recent return of winter has delayed planned work on Perth Avenue, the site of the West Towns. However, construction is still scheduled to commence this month, March 2017. The first step will be the mobilization of machinery and work crews to prepare the site for shoring operations, including shoring the future crash wall and shoring systems along Perth Avenue. It is anticipated that these activities will be ongoing into through the month of April. Site planning and coordination is ongoing on subsequent stages of construction. We will provide an update at the end of March.