Lower Junction Construction Update February 2017

Auto Building - 158 Sterling Road

The restoration of the Auto Building continues to progress through the winter. The installation of new windows has reached the tenth floor. A new transformer has been installed on the north side of the building.  

Interior work is focused on the continuing installation of electrical infrastructure throughout the building. HVAC ducting will commence installation this coming week along with the installation of the fire suppression systems.  The existing concrete slab that forms the floor of the main elevator shaft is being cut and lowered to accommodate the new elevators. 

As we have noted in the previous posts, historic elements in the building are being persevered, restored and reintegrated into the building, such as historic brick, doors and architectural features. New elements such as the windows have been designed to be consistent with the historic industrial style of the building. 

Lower Junction Community Updates

Just to the south of the Auto Building, it has been announced that the Drake Hotel will be opening a new bakery, bar and event space at 128 Sterling Road.  This will be a welcome addition to the neighbourhood that will also feature the new Indie Alehouse in the innovative Draft building, just to the south of the Auto Buildingand of course the new home of the Museum of Contemporary Art_Toronto_Canada (MOCA) which will occupy the first five floors of the Auto Building.