Lower Junction Construction Update

West Towns – 20 Perth Avenue

We are pleased to announce that another milestone has been reached at the West Towns site with the construction of the lower levels of the townhouses now being substantially complete. The next phase of work on the upper levels of the townhouses is scheduled for November.

In addition, municipal servicing work is expected to commence in the coming months. As soon as the schedule for this municipal servicing work is finalized, both a printed and digital notice will be circulated to the community prior to work commencing.


Auto Building – 158 Sterling Road

The Auto Building’s interior restoration continues to make significant progress with the building’s generator and air-handling units now installed on the 10th floor roof.

The installation of wall studs and insulation continues throughout the building. Drywall is being installed on the lower five floors that will be occupied by the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto.

New windows have been cut for the west face of the Auto Building. The new windows will look identical to the window treatments already installed throughout the building.

The excavation for the exterior museum-standard freight elevator along the northwest corner of the building has begun. Installation work will continue throughout the month of November. This external freight elevator will serve three floors of the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto.

Work on the mechanical penthouse will continue through November. The restoration and sealing of the upper section of the building is nearing completion.