Lower Junction Construction Update

West Towns – 20 Perth Avenue

Construction of the townhouses is progressing well at the West Towns site. At the north end of the site, crews continue to work on the lower levels of the townhouses. Forming work is moving from the north to the south, and is now more than half complete.

Municipal servicing work is expected to commence later in the fall. A printed notice will be circulated to the community prior to work commencing and the information will also be posted at: http://www.lowerjct.com/updates.

As work progresses, care is continually being taken to ensure there are no significant traffic impacts in the neighbourhood.  


Auto Building – 158 Sterling Road

The Auto Building’s interior restoration made significant progress in September. The installation of wall studs continues throughout the building, including the floors that will be used by the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto.

Drywall is being delivered to the site and will begin to be installed on the lower levels. Air handling units, as well as hot water units, have been installed on several floors and remaining floors will have these units installed this month. Installation of ceiling lighting fixtures and the concrete sealing and polishing of the floors continues throughout the Auto Building.

On the north exterior of the Auto Building, the storm water management tank has been completed. Preparation for the installation of the exterior freight elevator along the northwest corner of the building, which will serve three floors of the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto, continues.

The new topping (roof) on the south side of the top floor has been completed. Work on the mechanical penthouse will continue through the balance of October. 

Work on the basement level is progressing well.

Looking ahead, we expect work to commence later this autumn on the proposed main floor glass additions, which will mimic the saw tooth lines currently seen on the west face of the heritage building. One of the glass additions will connect to an enclosed café area that the Museum will operate and the other will provide access to the lobby area that will serve the entire building. Both glass additions will front onto a new proposed publicly accessible plaza area.