December 2016 Lower Junction Construction Update

Renovation and restoration work continues to progress at the Auto Building, 158 Sterling Road. The hoist or external construction elevator is assembled and fully operational on the north face of the building. Onsite there are two tractor loads of windows that will begin being installed the week of December 19th on the third, fourth, fifth floors and possibly on the 9th floors. On the other floors plastic sheeting is being installed over the window frames to provide weather protection prior to window glass being installed. 


Window frames have been fully prepared for glass installation throughout the Auto Building. New electrical conduit is fully installed on all floors, along with for electrical distributor housings. Toronto Hydro has inspected and approved the work and the building's electrical transformer is scheduled to arrive on December 19th. 


The week the 19th will also see a second hoist (external elevator) will be installed to provide service from the tenth floor to the top of the mechanical penthouse. A temporary crane will be brought onto the site to put this hoist assembly in place. 

One feature of the restoration work at the Auto Building is the preservation of original materials such as bricks from 1920 construction that have been set aside to be integrated into the building when the renovations are close to completion. 

Over the holidays work will continue, including Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. The goal is to complete the first round of window installation as quickly as possible. Crews will also be working to get electrical power running into the building; and the second hoist should be in operation before Christmas. 

Please check back for updates as work continues.