Lower Junction Construction Update July 2016

This month, restoration and renovation work continues at the Auto Building at 158 Sterling Road. 

Interior columns are being sandblasted and concrete floors are being ground and then polished. The interior side of the walls are not being sandblasted as these will be insulated and covered with drywall. 

The existing elevator shaft is being altered to comply with passenger regulations to serve the Auto Building, including the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto, which will occupy 5 of the 10 floors. The construction team is also cutting new doorways for the elevators and filling in the former openings that were used when the original freight elevator was in use. A new external freight elevator will be built on the northwest corner of the building.

The 10th floor, currently uncovered, will have a new roof installed. The southern portion of the roof will be solid and support the mechanical penthouse above it. The northern portion of the northeast roof will have "north-lights" or slanted skylights that will provide diffused natural light. These skylights are in keeping with the original roof design of the building. 

Just west of the Auto Building at 158 Sterling, a concrete crusher and conveyor belt are in operation. This crusher is being used to turn surplus concrete, some of which was taken from stockpiles within the building. The conveyor belt moves the crushed concrete into the piles that are visible on the west side of the site. There is also a water tower adjacent to the conveyor belt that is used as needed to mitigate dust blowing off the site. The concrete pebbles will be reused in the Lower Junction development as the project proceeds (e.g. road bedding and clean shoring fill).

Work will continue through July as the construction team prepares for the next phases of work, including the installation of electrical systems and plumbing. Please check back with us when we provide another update at the end of the month.