The industrial facade of 158 Sterling Rd. is unusually well preserved, with its iconic buff-coloured concrete pilasters and mullioned glass seemingly unchanging on the horizon since the building was erected in 1919. Fluted columns of varying weights are found on each floor, united by their satisfyingly temple-like orientation. Former machining areas, weathered concrete and vintage barn doors characterize the interior as undeniably 1920s heritage Toronto. Ushering in the new with a nod to the past, architectsAlliance will restore this landmark while preserving its historic detailing.

The Museum of Contemporary Art will inhabit the first three floors of the Auto Building, creating an infusion of art and culture with a rich historical backdrop. Abundant ceiling heights, 16 foot heritage wooden doors, and an expanse of windows will create an airy feeling. Office and studio spaces, many with astounding views to the east, will become home to an assortment of thriving businesses. Special offers on commercial space will be available to artists and businesses native to the Junction Triangle. A sense of fluidity between past and present, indoor and outdoor, corporate and creative will rise from the legacy of an industrial origin.