The Junction Triangle has always been a quiet mecca of creativity, alive with a rich history. A pulsing undercurrent of artists, entrepreneurs and tastemakers thrive in the historic buildings on its main thoroughfare Sterling Road. Lower Junction, at the centre of this emerging and eclectic community, will embolden these essential personalities through innovative design, style and community.


re/NEW: Transforming Tradition & West Towns Launch

The Junction Gallery's  inaugural exhibition,  re/NEW: Transforming Tradition featured works by Kent Monkman, Kim Dorland, Tyler Bright Hilton, Abby McGuane, and Naomi Yasui. These artists use the imagery and practice of the past to create an artistic language of their own.

In the art world the West Towns would be labeled as “limited editions”. There are, and will never be, any more than the 32 townhomes like these.  Located along Perth Avenue, these freehold townhomes set a new precedent for quality living. 


The Mecca

In April 2017 we launched the Junction Gallery Exhibition The Mecca featuring works by Hank Willis Thomas, TALWST, Toyin Ojih, Odutola and more.